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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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are still investigating the officer involved shooting from last saturday that left two innocent by-standers injured. the officer missed the suspect he was aiming for and this was the target. he is now behind bars. when officers were chasing rodriguez, you pulled a machine pistol out of his waist band and pointed it at officers. some businesses in the area believe the shooting could have been prevented. >> monroe nightclub owner has been in business four months. during that time he has seen a lot of fights and criminal activity outside his north beach club. he said that police patrol the streets and do not step in when the security asks people that are not allowed in the club to stop standing he near the
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entrance and they refuse. that is why murphy is taking matters into his own hands. he wants no loitering signs outside club and other clubs are going to do the same thing. we need signs that move people. we try but people do not listen. the welfare signs maybe we can refer to them, that it's a law, and they may take it more seriously. we are working to codes and fines as we speak. we want i want to be uniform, so when they see a whole block acting as a whole, we will get better results. we want walky talkies on the same channel at each club so we can help each other out. so the security guards they know who can come in and who cannot. so sometimes the security get
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harassed and they are afraid for their lives. the patrols are inceased before the clubs hope and after they close. the police are used to deter violence from breaking out. the police said it's the owners responsibility to keep people from loitering outside their businesses. a sting operation was conducted using teen-age decoys trying to buy alcohol. that sting resulted in six citaions. we went to see how it happened. and what is being done to fix it. >> this is one of the most popular restaurants on main street. two decoys went to the restaurant thursday night and
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that is when things went wrong. one of the servers the not check ids and as soon as the alcohol hit the table they were ticketed. we want to reassure the public that we have been in business for 20 years and this the first time that something like this to us. and we want everyone to know we do not tolerate any of this. the server that sold the alcohol has been disciplined and the staff has been put on alert i told them anybody under 40 years old has to have a valid id and everything is legal. we are going to have another meeting tonight and tomorrow morning just to make sure that everyone understands how
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important it is. he will make sure that the servers check id for alcohol. police in richmond are searching for the driver of a car that hit and killed a wheelchair bound man and took off. it happened near 34th street. the victim was 52-year-old david cox. he was struck from behind and ejected from the chair, he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. they are looking for a black, 2- door older model lexus and front end damage. a man in police custody tonight for making threats to his neighbor. he threatened to burn down his apartment complex. but after three hours of negotiations, police were able to arrest him. the suspect of unarmed and no one was injured. tonight a vigil for cindy
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nguyen, she was kidnapped and murdered as part of a crime spree that included the shooting of a 42-year-old man at this gas station. friends and family came out to remember her. >> a large gathering to remember cindy nguyen, family and friends and strangers held a candle light vigil to honor her it was one week ago, a parolee kidnapped her and her body was of found the next day. they described her as an intelligent and likeable woman. >> she was just very nice.
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>> very friendly. always ready to talk to any person. very friendly, open. >> the single mother of three children was a vital voice in the vietnamese community, she hosted a popular radio show, friends and fans of the show said this vigil gave them an opportunity to heal the community. >> i can never forget her smile. san jose police arrested this man, they say he kidnapped and killed her as part of a violent crime spree. >> the senseless nature of the spree struck everyone, random victims in different places. >> they look for those that assisted him while he was on the run. they are looking for more than one person and would not say
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more. detectives in sunnyvale are investigating -- they responded and found a child, 2 years old, not breathing and did not have a pulse. at the same time emergency personnel received reports of a dispondent female on an over pass. they grabbed her and pulled her to safety as she was climbing over the railing. she is associated with the apartment where the boy was found. they are interviewing family members and neighbors. well we are seeing a little bit of thunderstorm activity over the santa cruz mountains. you can see spotty shower activity. no rain actually reaching the ground, we have not seen lightening strikes with these cells we have seen them down to the south as we continue to see the thunderstorms the stream up
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from the southeast. you can see stronger cells. lightening associated with these, the warning has been extended throughout the night. see the areas of red here, down south of san jose, a risk of dry thunderstorms that means elevated thunderstorms that started about 10,000 feet have to fall through all the dry air, and rain evaporating before it hits the ground. you only see gusty winds and dry lightening. more changes through the weekend and cooler conditions and a chance of rain. i'll have details on all of it coming up in a bit. we are tracking where a sick-ton satellite could end up when it crashes to earth and something that no giants fan wants to see, another team celebrating the division title. gary has that full story ahead in sports.
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nasa is still unsure when a 6- ton satellite will crash land on to the earth. most of it will burn us but still large pieces may fall to the earth. and now people are asking where will it fall, there's an app for that. >> the app has the ability to tell you which satellites are passing overhead. look, each satellite and it indicate as the projected path across the sky. you can use it during the day or night. a temporary button was added to keep track of the uars that is headed to earth. to check out the app for
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blue shield. the men in charge of fremont now shut the solar plant. the lawmakers wanted to know what happened to the federal loan from the department of energy. unfortunately though, solyndra ceos did not answer a question, they plead the fifth more than a dozen times. lawmakers will still investigate. here is more news that we are following around the bay. on wall street the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq up slightly. after a horrible week. dow was down 6.4%. this is the worst it's looked since 2008 and we are in for
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more changes next week. kron 4 news. all across california, car owners who are penaltyized for not refewing their vehicle registration on time may be eligible for a refund. more than a million renewal in thes were made, the director of the dmv said that because some car owners did not get adequate notification, the department will consider refund requests on a case by case basis. in san francisco. kron 4 news. no world news the quest for middle -- in world news the quest for middle east peace took place if the un, a proposal the u.s. has promised to veto, dualing speeches approved that the two side --
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proved that the two sides are as far apart as ever. actor sean penn may have been instrumental from getting the u.c. berkeley hikers released from iran. chavez is an allie of -- he was keep in the release of the two hikers. we were warm today, and we had temperatures in the 90s and triple digits. 101 in livermore, by sunday a chance of rain through the bay area. here is our weekend forecast at a glance, temperatures dropping 10-of 20 degrees down to the low 80s and winds will pick up.
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by sunday, 30-50% chance of showers depending on where you are and the higher chance is in the forth bay. a look at the temperatures in the north bay, 50s and 60s. 78 in san jose, a substantial cool down. remember the high temperature today of was 101. 82 in antioch and 81 in concord and 70s in the north bay. satellite and radar picture, storm churning up to the north, tale of it is well defined. it will clip the north bay into sunday, here is what you can expect in terms of showers. 9:00 hour, this is light sprinkles, you see the shading here indicating very light rain in the noon hour through the north bay and dipping south of the golden gate and starting to
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dissipate later on in the afternoon. it will be a big change from what we have been seeing. cooler and windy tomorrow and cooler and wet on sunday. and warm conditions to the inland valleys through the middle of next week. a three-day food festival kicked off at jack london swear. the weekend long event will have do it yourself menu it free to attend the fest vary. high school football de la salle took on a high ranked team . [ cow mooing ]
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it's over it over tore -- it over for the defending champs. kurt gibson's team lost 97 games last year. the giants, hey, they hung in there and they hung in there but this is arizona's season. rookie paul gold schmidt off of sergio romo, it's 3-1 arizona and they are getting ready to party. huff has not done much this year. a top 10mvp candidate a season ago, no. time to party. arizona, goes from worse to first and it's their fifth division title and giants now five games back in the wild card with five to go, they will be eliminated maybe tomorrow. here is former giant matt williams up first. he is a coach with the diamond backs. so proud of these guys. you know, first day of spring training we said believe in the
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process and they did. and you know, this is what happens when you work hard and you hope and you put things together and we look forward to the opportunity, we respect all of our opponents that we will play, but we are good. i have news for you. all righty. a great night for the diamond backs and now it on to the post season, why the giants just hanging on, they could be eliminated tomorrow. the milwaukee brewers up, first division title since 1982. they will be headed to the post season, that is the first time they clinched the american league east back in '82 and the brewers had to wait 20 minutes to begin the celebration. st. louis 3 back of atlanta in that wild card race. the a's are almost done, weaver looking for his 19th win of the season in anaheim tonight, and weeks his first home run in 379
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at-bats last night. and now he doubled after leading off the game. going deep and it's 1-1 in the eighth inning, hey the a's will win tonight, weaver does not like to sign, really doesn't like to sign and ground ball gets through, it's an error charged to izturis, the angels, their defeat clinches the american league west for the texas rangers. we could not have the texas celebration but indeed the a's have something to smile about tonight. the prep heavy weights specificked in ft. lauderdale -- weights spanked in ft. lauderdale california. they have 9 pros, 9 graduates of the high school. and they routed tonight, final of 30-6. 43 preseason games.
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canceled today, and hey, just to show you that the sharks are all right. they beat anaheim 5-1. exhibition hockey, jackie your thoughts as we show you a fight. >> i'm surprised they were fighting in exhibition hockey. >> if you are going to lose a tooth, do it -- >> that is why, that was a dirty hit. >> he had claimed $70,000. >> when they are going at them with their head down -- >> oh, jackie. >> you cannot cross check them into the board. >> why would you enjoy seeing guys lose their teeth in canada monday ball ball, very good movie. >> -- the "moneyball" very good movie. worth seeing. >> oh, good.
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